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Name:Primeval Denial
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A general adult community for all Primeval fans
Welcome to primeval_denial! If you want to ignore certain bad events in any of the seasons then you're in good company. Here the last 15 minutes of Series 1 and Series 2 just didn't happen. Nor did Certain Events in Series 3. Captain Ryan is still alive. Stephen Hart is still alive. Nick Cutter is still alive. Claudia is still with us. Jenny still works on the Anomaly Project. Leek is creeping around (it takes all kinds). And Lester is still Sir James Lester (he lost the 'Sir' in Series 2). But, being greedy, we've also adopted all the later characters as well from Series 4 and 5, so they're welcome here as well!

News, views and fic relating to the spin off series, Primeval:New World are also very welcome. Please just remember to warn for spoilers as not all fans will be able to see this when it first airs. And if you want to mix 'n match from all series and the spin-off, then that's fine as well!

Our lovely new header has been made for the community by eriah211!

We're bigtitch, fredbassett,jhava and munchkinofdoom your moderators. We started this community because we were gutted by the deaths of Ryan and Stephen and wanted a place where no one would ever feel out of place writing fic about the characters we'd lost, and incorporating them in later settings, and generally keeping them alive or fixing things as often as possible! Later, as the community grew and evolved, we've become broader in approach and, basically, if it's Primeval-related, we take it. Canon compliant fic is perfectly welcome here as well.

This is an adults only community because we feel there is a need for a community where we don't have to worry about what the kiddies are reading/seeing.

The behaviour we expect from community members can be summed up in two words: PLAY NICE. We all know what means without us having to spell it out. If you don't, ask an adult.

Now - some specifics:

Spoilers & Warnings

Any information about a future ep cannot be posted without a spoiler warning/cut until a week after the ep has been shown on ITV1 in the UK. If there is specific information relating to a future series, including casting information, please be courteous to other members and include a spoiler warning in your post, or in the heading, if it's a conversation in a discussion thread. And and if you do have the urge to deal with Events That Didn't Happen without fixing them, please be sure to include mention of the appropriate episode in the Warnings. There's no need to warn for slash or to give your fic a higher rating simply because it contains slash rather than het or gen.


Yes please! All types of fanfic (gen, slash, het) and all styles are welcome. Please use the following header so we all know what we're about to enjoy, and put the body of the fic under an lj-cut so we don't swamp people's flists. Having said we like all types of fanfic, one type is banned. No RPF or RPS (real person fic or real person slash) please.

Example Fanfic Header

Title: Fic title
Author: your name
Characters: eg Ryan/Stephen, Cutter
Rating: NC-17, slash/gen/het
Warnings: whatever you think we need to know - character death, rape, noncon, other squicks
Spoilers: None needed, but please feel free to include a spoiler warning for specific eps as a matter of courtesy if you like
A/N: Author's note - thoughts, thanks, disclaimers.

Original Characters in Fic

The Primeval fandom has collected a whole host of OCs, mainly amongst the soldiers. They've been shared around other writers, in many cases, as well. To help people make sense of them, and to gather the info together in one place, the community has a resource post here which gives their short biographies, sometimes details of the fics in which they first appear, and in the majority of cases, there are also links to icon posts, which will give you an idea of what they look like.


Are welcome as well. If it spins out of Primeval in one way or another, that's fine, characters, situations, whatever.

Fanart & Picspams

Again, yes please! Lj-cut for people on dial-up. If it's explicit please mark it as NSFW (not safe for work) just in case people aren't on their home pc. Picspams of eps & dvds are very welcome - just lj-cut for the dial-up. Picspams of Primeval actors in other roles - they're fine too, but mark them as such and lj-cut them please.


Ooh - yes, yes, yes! There haven't been enough of them for Primeval.

Discussions, fic recs, rants, challenges, ideas, plot-bunny feedings - yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. Please! And anything else you can think of that's on-topic. For off-topic material please use the Denial Daily threads or Sunday Chat, which provide a social space for members to get to know each other and generally lounge about in the company of assorted raccoons.


We've set some tags up, but if there's one missing or you have other suggestions, please let us know. Please tag your own posts as you go along - that's cos we're lazy and get grumpy (if we can be bothered!) if we have to tidy up after other people too often.

Our current header was made by eriah211.

That's enough rules and regs for now. PLAY! HAVE FUN! That's what this community is about, after all!
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